Rose & Rama Tulsi Radiance Elixir

Rose & Rama Tulsi Radiance Elixir

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A serum in a mist to brighten, calm redness, and soften texture.

Locally distilled fresh roses and tulsi create an aromatic experience to soothe the skin and uplift the heart. A mindful mushroom extraction using whole fruiting bodies plus supportive plant infusions that incorporate a range of powerful phytonutrients for a radiant complexion. Rich in niacinamide to brighten, lessen the appearance of pores, smooth texture, and revitalize dull skin. Rounded out by complex antioxidants to limit UV damage, pollutants, and other environmental stressors.

Contains no essential oils, the scent is from the distilled plant water only and is subtle. We find the aroma delicate and akin to spiced pears.

For those who are looking for more focused support on discoloration and hyperpigmentation, this pairs beautifully with the First Light Brightening Oil.

Suitable for most skin types including sensitive.


After cleansing, shake well and mist face, taking deep breaths. Careful not to get any into your eyes. While the skin is still wet apply serum and face oil to seal in hydration.

Using plant-based humectants can sometimes create a thicker protective film on the skin that takes a bit longer to absorb than lab-based ingredients. We find this initial tackiness helps bind your oil or balm after it’s applied to create a skin-similar layer. After a few minutes, the skin should feel smooth and hydrated.


85% regionally sourced

rosa damascena (rose) hydrosol*^, rama tulsi (ocimum tenuiflorum) hydrosol*^, lactobacillus/ganoderma lucidum (reishi mushroom) extract /lentinus edodes (shiitake mushroom) extract ferment filtrate, niacinamide, spiraea ulmaria (meadowsweet) extract*^, lactobacillus ferment, distilled water & marrubium vulgare (white horehound)*^ & althaea officinalis (marshmallow)*^ & viola tricolor (wild pansy) extract*^ & sodium pca, trans-resveratrol (derived from polygonum cuspidatum/Japanese knotweed)

*organic    |   ^regionally sourced