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10% off all month long! Photonic - SPF 25 Broad Spectrum Facial Sunscreen

Clean, elegant mineral sunscreen is finally here!!!  Photonic provides sun protection
plus daily moisture and an intensive load of phytonutrients so you can enjoy your time catching rays. While many sunscreens focus on being just a barrier product this recipe is dense with antioxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients, and skin supportive compounds.  Zinc oxide offers stable, broad-spectrum protection that chemical sunscreens just cannot match.  Many chemical sunscreens absorb only UVA or UVB light. UVA absorbent chemical sunscreens are notoriously unstable.  They degrade when exposed to sunlight, right when you need them most!  Minerals like zinc have no such problem, as they reflect both types of rays easily.  That means you keep more of the deeply penetrating UVA rays off you.  


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I'm Emily, the founder of Stratum Aesthetics, a veteran esthetician, holistic health connoisseur, and budding herbalist. I have spent the last 14 years working with, educating, and helping people like you glow by supporting the innate and natural function of the body and using the magic of plant healing. I help those interested in living their most vibrant life achieve balance in their skin and beyond. I believe beauty is an inside job and that full-body wellness is essential to healthy skin. Here you can find hand-picked clean skincare, wellness accesories, and beauty tools, including facial cups and gua sha stones. You will also discover virtual education to learn how to achieve your perfect wellness ritual at home. I work with clients one on one, both virtually and in person, in Littleton, CO. Have fun exploring your online wellness destination; shop, play, learn, and enjoy!

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All of the tools you need to take skin health into your own hands.

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