Rose Quartz Facial Massage Sculpting Spoon

Rose Quartz Facial Massage Sculpting Spoon

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Designed by Cecily Braden this Rose Quartz Sculpting Spoon is perfect for adding detail work to your at home Gua Sha self care routine!  Awaken tired eyes by eliminating puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.  Carve out the cheek bones of your dreams, or assist in softening the eleven's between your brows. Rose quartz is known as a stone for love, and a perfect way to show some self love!   

Directions:  Use with Color Up Remedy Treatment Oil to massage the face. 

Colors may vary with this stone; a sign that this is a true rose quarts and not an imitation.  Stratum Aesthetics vets all products for social responsibly and ethical practices.  I have chosen stones designed and procured by Cecily Braden for this reason.