Oil Cleanser Deep Clarity

Oil Cleanser Deep Clarity

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This cleanser goes beyond the surface, addressing pore congestion by dissolving impurities, and combating puffiness, stagnation, and inflammation, resulting in an instant revitalization of lackluster skin. It promotes circulation for both blood and lymph, reducing stagnation and inflammation to facilitate a profound detoxifying experience.

Oil cleansers may seem counterintuitive, but because oil attracts oil, this cleanser picks up stagnant sebum, pollution, makeup, and anything else present on the surface after a long day, and gently cleanses it away. 

The blend's essential oils, including Ylang Ylang and Neroli, work their magic on the nervous system, inducing an immediate sense of relaxation that complements the beauty ritual, soothing both the mind and spirit.

Directions: This Oil Cleanser can be used daily on some skin types, but for most we suggest it be used as a weekly or bi-weekly deep cleansing ritual. Dispense 3-4 pumps onto fingertips and apply to dry skin. Massage well for 1-5 minutes around congested areas and makeup. Apply a warm, steamy towel to the skin and gently wipe away dirt, makeup, and excess oil. Repeat towel compressions on the face, neck, and chest 1-2 more times to stimulate deeper cleansing pathways, relieve muscular tension, and ensure complete removal.

Ingredients: Safflower Seed Oil˚, Sunflower Seed Oil˚, Sesame Seed Oil˚, Tamanu Oil˚, Black Cumin Seed Oil˚; Whole Plant Extracts of Rosemary˚, Calendula˚, Turmeric˚; Essential Oils of Green Mandarin˚, Ylang Ylang˚, Neroli˚, Rosemary˚

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