Gua Sha Tutorials

Welcome! Here you will find video tutorials for your favorite Gua Sha  skincare practices! 


Facial Roller! 

Follow along with expert esthetician Emily Davis as she demonstrates how to properly use a face roller. Benefits of rollers include de-puffing the face, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, clearing congestion, reducing dull lackluster skin to reveal bright, glowing, and vibrant skin! 


Pocket Jade Stone! 

Watch licensed esthetician Emily Davis demonstrate how to utilize this Pocket Jade Gua Sha stone. Benefits include reduction in congestion and black heads, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, and decreased puffiness. Lift and contour the face easily with this beautiful stone!

Jade Comb Gua Sha Stone

Emily Davis from Stratum Aesthetics with at home facial Gua Sha using the Jade Comb stone from Cecily Braden and Color Up CBD skincare.


Rainbow Quartz (discontinued) and Rhodonite Stone! 

Check out how to use your rainbow quartz or rhodonite Gua Sha stone at home! Benefits include anti aging through lifting and sculpting, reducing pigment, fine lines and wrinkles. Decrease puffiness, dull dry skin, congestion and black heads. Let your vibrant skin shine through!