The Brands We Carry

Stratum Aesthetics strives to bring you only the best of the best.  All products are vetted by our founder Emily to meet her strict standards of clean ingredients and efficacy. She will never offer you a product that she would net use on herself. 

Green Envee


#1 Rate Organic Professional Skincare

Based in Frankfort, Illinois Green Envee is dedicated to providing all-natural, non-toxic products that serve the specific purpose of overall wellness to the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. 

The highest quality ingredients don’t simply come from a bottle, but instead, begin with the seed. Cultivating the finest plants depends on a keen awareness of the growth process: seed, soil, climate, expert farmers & crafters, and harvest. Only plants meeting stringent criteria are skillfully extracted to create the highest quality products. When you see the Green Envee label, you know you’re receiving years of commitment and dedication to creating the purest ingredients. 

 Founded in 2008 by cousins Bob and Tim who grew up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. They have both always appreciated all that nature has to offer. In their uncommon upbringing (by today’s standards), they were immersed in the beauty and benefits of nature. From playing in the dirt to all-natural foods, they had the advantage of learning and experiencing all that nature has to offer.

From this, came their desire to create a line that harnesses the power of nature, but also incorporates the science of beauty. Bob and Tim had many family members, including some of their own children, who struggled with the ill effects of the environment on their skin. From severe eczema to extremely blemished skin concerns, they were inspired to create a natural, yet science-based line to help alleviate skin concerns.

With Bob’s Chemistry background and Tim’s aromatherapy, herbalism, and cosmetic chemistry background, they embarked on a mission. 

Bob and Tim have over 25 years of combined industry experience and they have created a pure, quality, results-driven line that takes nature’s best offerings of herbal botanicals, plant peptides, and stem cells and combined this with science-based knowledge to help everyone’s skin reach its optimum health and potential. With nature as their inspiration and science as their foundation, Green Envee Floraceuticals is committed to providing everyone with quality, safe, and effective skincare.



Based in St. Louis Missouri, Blissoma products restore skin to balance through the sacred relationship between plants and people. The first touch envelops you in blossom, berry, bark, and root. Freshly made extracts offer a higher, more complete level of phytonutrients. Blissoma combines cutting-edge chemistry with traditional herbal knowledge for the best of both worlds.

Specializing in targeted care for demanding skin types. If you suffer from extremely sensitive skin, allergies, or other skin problems we can help. Blissoma has successfully helped thousands of people develop a happy relationship with their skin. It all begins with deep care that feeds you down to cells and spirit. You deserve to feel good about your skin.

Blissoma is independently owned, independently managed, and vertically integrated. Step by step we have guided our own growth. No one else owns our integrity. We are passionate about creating products that are beneficial in every way. Every product in our collection is Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, made in-house and represented with honesty and transparency.

They do things differently than most of the cosmetic industry. That makes a big difference for your skin. Blissoma purchases from local farms and extracts their own herbs at customized potencies without heavy processing. Many skincare brands never mix a batch of their own product. Their processes yield more medicinal compounds from each plant and preserve them for you.


Apoterra handcrafts effective small batch skincare that is nutrient-rich, guaranteed fresh and sustainably sourced.


Just like you, we want skincare that works and we’re not willing to compromise our health or the planet to get that glow. In 2008, founder Dominique Caron was frustrated with the lack of options that worked for her sensitive breakout-prone skin, that were also safe, eco-friendly, and effective; so she set out on a mission to create effective natural skincare products that checked all of her ethical boxes. She founded Apoterra in 2012, then known as Caru Skincare Co, after years of research, certifications and trial and error. As it turns out, you don't have to compromise your values to achieve healthy, glowing skin. 

Just like the rest of our body, skin needs healthy nourishment, exercise and rest to operate at an optimal level. Life can disrupt skin’s natural homeostasis (hello acne, dryness & irritation!) while environmental stressors accelerate the effects of aging. Glowing skin is not something that is “created with a miracle” product or a “breakthrough” ingredient. Clear, radiant skin is achieved by aiding the skin to be healthy and balanced. This approach might not be as sexy as that miracle overnight product (disclaimer: those don’t exist!) but it works - just like eating healthy and exercising will keep your body in vibrant wellbeing for a long time to come. Our nature-guided line features an array of nourishment profiles formulated to meet your skin’s needs and bring it back into a healthy state of balance. In every Apoterra ritual you will also find nutrients to combat oxidative stress and prevent premature aging.  

Through our one-for-one partnership, for every Apoterra product purchased, a donation will be made to Trees For The Future in your honor to help plant a tree. Each tree planted helps provide food, income, education and an improved healthy environment globally. Keep track of how many trees we help plant over on their partner page.



AKT Therapy

AKT is a luury organic skincare line that offers mineral sun protection.  Living and working in sunny climates, AKT founder Janus Auermann was always in search of quality skincare products that offered protection from the elements. That’s when she first felt the need for comfortable and buildable skincare products with SPF protection. 

She looked to the desert for inspiration: wild-harvested Baja lavender, jojoba, avocado, and other wonderful plants provided the base elements for their products. AKT strives to use pure, organic, and locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Akt Therapy is about embracing and celebrating the art of the body, as in the German art form “Der Akt”. Both Janus's German and Norwegian heritage have contributed to her belief that true beauty is an outward expression of your authentic inner self. It it your true essence.


Herbal Skin Solutions
Founded and led by licensed estheticians and cosmetic chemists, Herbal Skin Solutions is a provides highly effective natural skincare as well as education for professionals.