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All skincare rituals are customized by products to your specific skincare needs and goals. For a first time appointment most people select either the Eastern Facelift (90 minutes), or the Customized 60 Minute Facial during each of these treatments we can discuss a long term plan, or we can change them to a treatment that better suites your needs at the time of service.


Each month we create a unique facial of the month with a festive theme.  For the Eastern Facelift and 60 Minute Custom Facial you are welcome to request the products from the facial of the month!
For the month of November holiday memories come to life through the spicy scents of the season. This pear, and frankincense facial is designed to stimulate collagen and reduce photo-damage as well as calm and soothe sensitivity to reduce redness and leave a fresh glow! This facial is packed full of decadent and precious ingredients such as the ayurvedic plant Indian Senna which hydrates dry skin, and Mirabilis Jalapa Flower that soothes sensitive skin. This is an extra special treat that your skin deserves!

Upcoming Facial of the Month (subject to change based on product availability):
December: Winter Wonderland Forest Facial
January: Poppin' Bottles Oxygen Infused Bubbly Facial
February: Love Your Skin Facial with Chocolate, Strawberries, and Marshmallow
March: Super Greens for Super Skin Facial
$50 (includes $50 credit toward the product of your choice)

The consultation is 30 minutes either in person or via video chat to sit down to discuss your goals for your skin! Please bring along the products you are currently using during your daily regimen so I can get an idea of what your current skincare is. We will talk about everything from mindset to food to topical treatments to help you achieve your healthiest skin ever because I believe that self-healing is a puzzle and each piece matters! The cost of the consultation is $50, and this $50 goes toward the product of your choice! 
Experience 60 minutes of bliss as your nervous system calms and your skin is restored. Packed with vital skin nutrients, this facial promotes balance and leaves your skin glowing and vibrant.  This facial begins with guided breath-work and moves into a deep cleanse to remove build-up makeup, pollution, stagnant oils, and other debris on the surface of the skin.  Emily will provide thorough skin analysis and discuss any long term goals you may have for the health of your skin and discuss the ways in which to achieve these.  Gentle enzymatic exfoliation dissolves dull surface cells to reveal bright new skin.  If needed gentle extractions can help to clear congested skin. Facial massage stimulates circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, gently exfoliates, and promotes healthy moisture.  Facial massage helps to de-puff, reduce congestion, reduce dark under eye circles, deeply relax and nourish the skin. 

Gua Sha is a style of massage with lineage to ancient Chinese.  Utilizing a precious nephrite jade stone to massage the face, this treatment is meant to enhance the skin's natural ability to cleanse by supporting the lymphatic system within the skin.  Blood circulation is increased bringing necessary nutrition to the cells.  Fascia (connective tissue) is ironed out.  Qi (pronounced chi) otherwise known as our vital energy is balanced.  Benefits of this facial treatment include lifting, toning, the face is de-puffed, skin is brightened, tone is more even, pores appear smaller. Additionally the rhythmic massage taps into the parasympathetic nervous system bringing deep relaxation.  Emerge from this treatment feeling and looking completely rejuvenated!

Dermaplane effectively exfoliates while removing any visible peach fuzz from your skin using a sterile surgical grade scalpel. This safe,  effective treatment leaves the skin feeling smoother, with a brighter, youthful appearance.  To prepare discontinue waxing or prescription strength retinoids 2 weeks prior to your appointment, and discontinue any other exfoliation 3 days prior.

Add  a 20 min Gua Sha massage for an additional $30.

Emily is so grateful to have advanced training to be able to offer safe facials for those undergoing oncology treatments.  This soul and skin nourishing service is meant to heal and repair skin affected by oncology treatments.  Gentle rhythmic facial massage calms the mind while herbal/floral adornments provide intuitive healing through the connection with plant allies.  Color Up CBD products are approved as Oncology Safe as they are organic, and safe for those with compromised immune systems. 

​Join Emily for 60 min of one on one time for an at home facial virtually plus a Gua Sha tutorial. Emily will teach you how to take care of your skin at home on a daily bases but also create the ambiance of a facial at home. When you book, you will receive an invoice via email for your facial kit which includes all items used for a customized facial plus your choice of a jade comb Gua Sha stone or a jade facial roller! Please book at least 3 weeks in advance to receive your items in time! 

Vitamin C Nano Infusion 60 Minutes


Your favorite new treatment! Nano-infusion utilizes a stamp that creates small perforations in the skin, effectively infusing skin-friendly ingredients and increasing penetration. This treatment drives topical products allowing for 97% greater product absorption! Skin is left plumped, hydrated and rejuvenated! Please see prep and post-care instructions at under the treatment info tab!

 Green Power: Botanical Micro-needle Alternative 60 Minutes


A total skin refresh! This brightening facial includes two superstar green products, the Green Envee Potent C Super Food Mask and the Lira Green Power Peel.  The Green Envee Potent- C  Superfood Mask is what I call a green smoothie for your face! This age-preventing superfood mask feeds your skin with a powerful blend of Spinach + Kale that oxygenates the skin while Vitamin C brightens skin and evens tone. The Lira Green Power Peel works as a botanical alternative to micro-needling.  This mechanical exfoliant uses finely milled badiaga, a river sponge that embeds into the surface layers of the skin. The potent blend of antioxidants and vitamins support natural cell turnover, provide protection from free radicals, even complexion, tighten sagging skin, plump and brighten the, reduce fine lines and calm blemishes – truly a facial that does it all!

​Holistic Collagen Induction Therapy is rooted in ancient Asian practice through acupuncture.  This new spin uses short sterile needles (less than .5 mm) to induce the production of new collagen.  If the skin were a building, collagen would be the scaffolding. It is what gives our skin it's structure and as we age our collagen starts to degrade.  There's hope though! With Collagen Induction Therapy sometimes known as microneedling, skin has a chance to rebuild anew!


This treatment is for teens ages 11-19 who want a little love for their skin! Whether it's a time to get pampered, or to work on supporting skin imbalances, this is a fantastic treatment the teens in your life who need a little extra skin support. 


This detoxifying and firming treatment is designed to ground and support a rooted connection with the Earth while promoting healthy vibrant skin. The back often gets ignored, so this treatment brings all of the focus there! A deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions prepare the skin for a hot stone treatment followed by organic moor mud and finally a firming moisturizer.