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All skincare rituals are customized by products to your specific skincare needs and goals. For a first time appointment most people select either the Eastern Facelift (90 minutes), or the Customized 60 Minute Facial during each of these treatments we can discuss a long term plan, or we can change them to a treatment that better suites your needs at the time of service.



Not Sure What to Book Facial 90 min (Prices will vary)

Choose this option if you have no idea what you should book, it will book 90 minutes with Emily and you can decide together what the best treatment option is based on your goals and intentions for your skin. 

Seasonal Facial 60 min $115

Changing four times a year, the seasonal facial is designed to support the skin through the current climate as well as engage the senses with the aromas of the season. 

Winter (December-February) Hot Chocolate Hot Stone

Warm up to the antioxidant power of cacao. Cacao is high in flavonoids and antioxidants and has a beautiful ability to support the skin through repair and protection. Marshmallow extract soothes, cools, and hydrates the skin while royal jelly assists in boosting collagen production. Heated stones are incorporated to help reduce muscle tension, warm the skin, and calm the nervous system. You will leave this treatment with your skin feeling warm and cozy.

60 min

Lift and Sculpt Facial Massage Ritual 60 min  $100

An entire luxurious hour focused on facial gua sha, face cupping, facial reflexology, hot stone, cold stone, and more (in no particular order listed here) aimed to relax, depuff, brighten, increase vibrancy, and reduce muscle tension.  This treatment begins with a thorough cleanse to prep the skin, moves into a decadent massage on the decolette, neck, and face, and ends with finishing products to leave you feeling absolutely radiant.

Clarifying Ritual 

An acne support treatment for skin that craves some balance.  This treatment is appropriate for skin that is dry with breakouts or skin that is oily and experiencing breakouts. The goal of this treatment is not to strip the skin, but to support a healthy barrier while explotring the underlying causes.  This ritual features a steam, extractions, high frequency, gentle exfoliation while offering anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune supporting properties to help prevent, reduce, and heal breakouts. The 90 minute treatment will include an additional mask, as well as more time for lymphatic stimulation massage and facial reflexology to support the body on a holistic level. 

60 min $115

90 min $150

Youthful Radiance Ritual

A ritual designed to support skin through vibrant aging.  This facial is not “age defying” or “anti-aging” Nope, that ideology doesn't belong here because the goal is healthy and radiant aging, because we should al be so lucky to age,  and to do so beautifully is a gift.  This treatment, focuses on hydration, reducing wrinkle and line depth, lifting, contouring, and balancing potential uneven hyperpigmentation.  It includes a deep cleansing treatment, extractions, an antioxidant rich mask.  The 90 minute option will include an additional mask, as well as more time for lifting and sculpting massage.

60 min $115

90 min $150

Support and Flow Ritual

For skin that feels balanced and the main goal is to maintain and hydrate. Like a regular oil change this facial is focused on flushing out stale or stagnant fluid, and allowing fresh fluid to flow below the surface of the skin. This treatment includes a deep cleansing treatment, extractions, a mask suited to your skin type, as well as a facial massage meant to brighten, hydrate, and depuff.  The 90 minute options will include an additional mask, as well as more time for massage aimed to increase radiance and vibrancy.

60 min $115

90 min $150



Back to Earth Facial 60 min $125

Back facials are just that, a facial on the back! This detoxifying and firming treatment is designed to ground and support a rooted connection with the Earth while promoting healthy vibrant skin. The back often gets ignored, so this treatment brings all of the focus there! A deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions prepare the skin for a hot stone treatment followed by organic moor mud and finally a firming moisturizer.

Restorative Oncology Facial Ritual 60 min $75

Emily is so grateful to have advanced training to be able to offer safe facials for those undergoing oncology treatments. This soul and skin-nourishing service is meant to heal and repair skin affected by oncology treatments. Gentle rhythmic facial massage calms the mind while herbal/floral adornments provide intuitive healing through the connection with plant allies.



Nano Infusion Facial 60 min $150

Nano-infusion utilizes a stamp that creates small perforations in the skin, effectively infusing skin-friendly ingredients and increasing penetration. This treatment drives topical products allowing for 97% greater product absorption! Skin is left plumped, glowing, hydrated and rejuvenated! Please see prep and post-care instructions at under the treatment info tab!

*This treatment does not include sculptural facial massage (but you can add this, please see Add Ons)*

Collagen Induction Therapy (also known as MicroNeedling) 90 min $275

Collagen Induction Therapy/MicroNeedling is a treatment that creates micro openings in the surface layers of the the skin using titanium steel needles. By creating these microscopic openings, the repair system of the skin is triggered, collagen and elastin in the lower layers of the skin are stimulated.  The result is bouncier, more hydrated, and plumper skin tissue! This treatment is beneficial for acne scarring, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, evening hyperpigmentation and skin tone, preventative maintenance, rosacea, and more.  Please understand that there is pre and post care to be taken with this treatment.  You can read more about that here.


Stratum Aesthetics takes a holistic approach to microneedling.  This treatment includes lymphatic stimulation massage on the neck and décolleté as the numbing cream is going to work, and is followed by cryotherapy (cold therapy) globe massage, and LED light therapy.  You will go home with a vial of the bone marrow conditioned media stem cell solution along with a healing balm to support healthy healing and anti-inflammation leading to less downtime. 


Discounts and promotions do not apply to packages

To purchase a package please email

Package of 3 $750 ($250 each)

Package of 6 $ 1200 ($200 each)


If you choose to omit the bone marrow stem cell:

Single treatment: $225

Package of 3 $600 ($200 each)

Package of 6 $1050 ($175 each)

Add On Treatments: 

Sculpt-In Intra Oral Manipulation $60 20 min

This "inside out" facial manipulation or "internal contouring" is a gloved manipulation from the inside of your mouth. This treatment requires special training, and it comes with serious results! Benefits include jaw tension relief, headache, and migraine relief, lymphatic stimulation, depuff, softening lines and wrinkles around the mouth, and reduction of "jowels".

Sculpting Face Massage Add On $35 20 min 

Foot Treatment Add On $30 15 min

LED Light Therapy $30  20 min