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Collagen in Skin: 11 Tips to Promote Collagen Production

When it comes to collagen production—and skin health in general--excessive UV radiation is one of your worst enemies. "UV rays create free radicals, [which] are missing an electron, making them unstable as they try to steal an electron from a healthy molecule," explains Emily Davis, holistic licensed esthetician. And as these free radicals scavenge for electrons, they can seriously mess with the basic properties of collagen. The result? Extensive collagen damage, causing wrinkling and easy bruising due to impaired cell response in the skin.  Read More


​The Power of Touch: The Best Facial Massage Techniques For Your Clients

​“Proper effleurage technique is an essential step in every facial,” explains Davis. “It employs fluid and long, flowing strokes with the palm of the hands. It can be performed either quickly or slowly. When performed quickly with a medium to firm pressure, it engages the connective tissue to bring hydration and break up sticky tight fascia below the surface which can manifest as fine lines and wrinkles,” explains Davis. Read More