Our Skincare Philosophy

At Stratum Aesthetics we believe beauty is an inside job.  No system or organ of our body act separate from the whole, this goes for our integumentary system, including the skin.  Everything in our amazing dynamic bodies is intimately interconnected.  Skincare is well-care and well-care is skincare. You will find blogs and educational posts speaking about mind, body, spirit health as a part if the wholistic wellness approach.  
We believe that movement, healthy sun exposure, breath-work, journaling, meditation or prayer, a healthy diet, hydration, sauna, cold therapy, reduction of environmental toxins, communion with plant medicine, and clean-intentional skincare are all components of a healthy skin regimen.  
Specifically speaking about the skin, the main objective in healing skin imbalances is to reduce topical and internal inflammation, and to build up and support the lipid barrier on the surface. Supporting healthy flow of lymph, blood, and other fluid along with supporting the health of the superficial fascia and reducing tension and tightness in the muscles below the skin are all part of achieving healthy vibrant skin.  
The word anti-aging has no place in our vocabulary.  Aging is a gift we are grateful for, and we fully support wise skin.  With that being said, the mission is to support vitality through the years and through the changes of the skin.  Perfect, plastic looking skin is not the goal, healthy, vibrant skin is.