Causes We Support

At Stratum Aesthetics, giving back is something close to our hearts.  While there are millions of causes we wish we could donate to, here are a few that we have chosen to make our priority as they align with our values.  It is important to us that we research any fund that we send donations to so we are sure that funding is allocated primarily toward the cause advertised.   If you wish to give back to any of these causes you will find each of them linked. 


Broken Shovels

Broken Shovels Farm is a human and animal cooperative. All the souls on Broken Shovels Farm are treated with love and respect, despite their age or “usefulness”. Their farm animal rescue residents include cows, goats, pigs, sheep, roosters, bunnies, waterfowl, alpacas, llamas and many equines! They provide foster-to-adopt and long term foster for hard to place companion animals in partnership with local rescues, and they work with local agencies to ensure all animals have safe placement.


The Good Life Refuge

Good Life Refuge provides a safe haven for abused and at risk farm animals.  They address the needs of their Animal Residents on an individual basis in regards to nutrition, medical needs, emotional support, animal enrichment and adequate housing. They currently provide refuge to about 60 animals and 12 different species and support is critical to meet the needs of their residents.



MaxFund is a true, No Kill animal shelter and adoption center that challenges the traditional methods of animal sheltering by leading the No Kill movement in Colorado. We strive to give animals, including the injured, abandoned, and abused, a "second chance at life."


Do Over Dogs

Do Over Dogs is a foster-based, 501(c)(3) organization that gives at-risk dogs from the shelter environment a second chance at life. They focus their rescue efforts on dogs and puppies that are at high risk of euthanasia.