Facial K-Tape

Facial K-Tape

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Facial Kinesiology Tape

Gentle lifting to create circulation and flow for skin rejuvenation. 


Promotes collagen production for a more supple, healthy complexion 

De-puffs and strengthens facial features * Improves circulation and skin tone

Smooths lines and wrinkles

Promotes lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins

Relaxes the facial muscles for a youthful glow

Gentle on skin, easy removal

For all skin types    


How does the Facial K-tape work? 

The tapes resemble the natural elasticity and structure of the skin. When the tapes are taped onto the skin it creates an uplifting effect, by gently lifting the epidermis up, which then creates space under the skin. The space that is created gives space for circulation to flow better where blood and lymph flow much more efficiently. As a result, the treated area will regenerate much quicker

How To Apply: Make sure the skin surface is clean and dry, and hands are clean.
  1. Pre-measure the tape against your desired area of placement. 
  2. Cut the strips of tape to the appropriate length. 
  3. Cut rounded corners so that they last longer on skin.
  4. Rip by holding the tape at each end and pulling firmly, breaking the paper backing.
  5. Apply tape to the desired area.
  6. Activate tape by rubbing gently to encourage the heat-sensitive adhesive to bond to your skin.


Made in United States

Premium Japanese Medical Grade Glue 

Made specifically for facial skin application
Elastic, permeable cotton fabric with nylon and spandex
Latex free
Superior breathability
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